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August 1, 2018

None On Record Launches Podcast Devoted to Telling the Stories of Queer Africans and the Diaspora

[July 12, 2018] – African LGBT digital media organisation None on Record launches a weekly podcast series called AfroQueer today that aims to tell the story of queer Africans on the African Continent and in the Diaspora.

AfroQueer is an eight-episode narrative-driven podcast series about queer Africans living, loving, thriving, and surviving on the continent and in the diaspora. Through the podcast, we explore stories about being queer in Africa — covering topics as diverse as the law, migration, film, race, censorship, family, and sex.

“We went into this podcast with a desire to tell important long-ranging stories about movements and countries and histories. And also quieter stories about a person or an experience that we thought would resonate with people. I’m proud to say that our first season accomplishes these goals. Our stories are not always perfect but they are always beautiful,” says Aida Holly-Nambi, Arts & Culture Director at None on Record

When asked about the purpose of the podcast, Selly Thiam, Executive Director of None on Record says, “We want to share the stories of inspiring, original, talented LGBT Africans around the continent. Listeners will have an opportunity to hear surprising conversations, performances, and stories from across the spectrum of art and culture.”

Listen to our teaser trailer here.

Below is a summary of the first two episodes of this season, to be released on 19 July 2018.

Episode 1:

In the first episode, we introduce the podcast and Selly as the host with an origin story about None on Record. This also serves as a tribute to FannyAnn Eddy, a Sierra Leonean lesbian activist who was murdered in 2004. FannyAnn Eddy was the first of many stories Selly reported bout LGBTQ rights on the continent and lead to her forming None on Record.

Episode 2:

The second episode is about the evolution of Johannesburg pride. We speak to Bev Ditsie, who attended the first ever Pride in Joburg in 1990 and investigate her concerns that Pride in Johannesburg has become a capitalist, middle class, white affair held deep in the suburbs behind walls. We also speak to Kwezilomso Mbandazayo who was so fed up she started a spin off Pride (the People’s Pride) and to activists with the One in Nine campaign who tried to protest the Johannesburg Pride and faced abuse from within their community for doing so. We also speak to Kaye Ally, the current organiser for Johannesburg Pride about why she thinks that Pride needs to be held the way it is now.

You can find AfroQueer on SoundCloud, iTunes, and anywhere that you listen to podcasts. You can also find us on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Why a podcast?

None on Record has been telling the stories of queer Africans for years. Podcasting is not a new form but the return to audio was intentional. An audio podcast allows for the safe consumption of these conversations and a dialogue that challenges heteronormative and patriarchal status quos. The African LGBT community lives with the threat of violence meted out by those who fear and do not understand people whose sexual orientation and gender expression differs from them.

Audio is an incredibly intimate medium and it offers a level of safety and security for both participants and listeners. Our subjects are much more relaxed in telling their stories because we can increase the level of anonymity as needed by obscuring voices and removing or changing names. In addition, listeners can experience our work fairly privately, which increases the intimate connection but also makes it possible for someone to engage with queer content without risk of exposure.


None on Record is an African LGBT digital media organisation that produces documentaries about African LGBT experiences, trains LGBT community members on digital media and documentation, and provides space for African LGBT arts and culture through our Tamasha program. To learn more, visit us at www.noneonrecord.com.

AfroQueer is a weekly podcast series about Queer Africans living, loving, surviving and thriving on the African Continent and in the Diaspora. AfroQueer is a production of None on Record. To learn more, visit us at www.afroqueerpodcast.com.



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