Where does the name None on Record come from?

In 2006, Selly Thiam did an interview with ex-priest and Gay Nigerian activist John Adewoye. When asked what words he knew from his ethnic language of Yoruba to describe gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, he answered that he had “None on Record”.  That moment in his interview personified the level of silence around African LGBT issues at the time. When it was time to name the then oral history project, Selly Thiam decided to call it None on Record.

What does None on Record do?

None on Record is an African LGBT digital media organisation that produces documentaries about African LGBT experiences, trains African LGBT community members on digital media and documentation and provides space for African LGBT arts and culture through our Tamasha Festival. To learn more, sign up for our newsletter.

How can my organization be trained on digital media?

There is a call for training that comes out twice a year. Check the digital media training web page for information or write to questions@noneonrecord.com

Does None on Record work with LGBT organizations not based on the African continent?

Currently we focus our work with communities based on the African continent or in the African Diaspora. If your organization is not based in these communities, write us an e-mail at questions@noneonrecord.com and we will link you up with some of the amazing media organizations that work in your region.

Can None on Record provide funding to my LGBT media organization?

In the past None on Record has supported small organisations that have sprung from None on Record trainings. If we have worked with you in the past, we may be able to offer technical support. Write us at questions@noneonrecord.com

Can None on Record produce a documentary about me or my organization's work?

None on Record does produce documentaries about African LGBT experiences. From time to time we work with organisations to produce documentaries about their work. Often times we do this at a fee based on the financial ability of the organisation requesting the production work. If you have a great story about an African LGBT experience or would like to talk to us about producing a documentary about your organisation’s work,  please send us an e-mail at questions@noneonrecord.com.

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