Artists We Know You Will Love.

March 8, 2019

As we celebrate the international women’s day, here are some artists we think you should also be in to. Because they are super great!!

In no particular order we present…

1. Muthoni Drummer Queen ( MDQ), Kenya – She’s one of Kenya’s most hardworking artists. C.EO & Founder, Rapper, Singer , Business person; MDQ wears a lot of hats.
Suzie Noma is a celebration of female friendship and empowerment of women all over Africa. It’s about women building something together with one another to create financial freedom for themselves and future generations.

2. Teniola Apata (Teni) , Nigeria – Once described as Nigeria’s fastest rising stars, Teni’s voice and demeanor has a way of warming up hearts. I know people who’d kill if this isn’t played at parties and gatherings.
Teni – Case
The song is primarily in Nigerian Pidgin English. “Case” is an “Afrobeats” song, a genre pioneered primarily by Nigerian musical style and elements.

3. Sho Majodzi , South Africa – She proper burst into the scene for many after her hit song Huku. With her bold fashion sense and clever tunes, this rapper and poet from Limpopo is someone you definitely should be bumping to.
Sho Majodzi – Huku

4. Charlotte Dipanda , Cameroon – One of West Africa’s biggest stars, Charlotte has had a solo career spanning over a decade now. Her music has received wide acclaim and in this video, she collaborates with another big star, King Yemi Alade of Nigeria.
Charlotte Dipanda ft Yemi Alade – Sista

5. Inna Modja, Mali – Women keep changing the world, and Inna is on that front row somewhere. Known for her activism, modeling and feminism also has an amazing body of work.

6. Mayra Andrade, Cape Verde – When someone mentions Cabo music, first thoughts usually drift to the legendary Cesaria Evora. Here’s someone else that you should be getting into, if you haven’t already!!
Marya Andrade – Manga
Even if you kill me, I’ll be born again, twice or thrice.

7. Winnie Nwagi , Uganda – Winnie first came to the limelight via a singing competition in her native Uganda. Her style ranges from traditional as witnessed in her 2016 hit single Kana Koze to dancehall influenced sounds like Matala.
Winnie Nwagi

8. Simisola Ogunleye (Simi) , Nigeria – She once broke the record for the highest song streamed in Nigeria. She has unique vocals and churning out dope work since she went mainstream in 2014.

9. Deko Barbara-Jessica Wedi (Rouge), South Africa – Hip Hop and author Rouge is still bubbling under but, if she keeps working as hard as she has been, who knows?

10. Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda (MzVee) Ghana – Some people were about to cause a ruckus! MzVee’s music has remained versatile over the years. She’s also been recognized in her work with world bank to put effort into trying to end poverty.

This is by no means an even close to extensive list, there are thousands more of African women killing it in the music industry in various ways. We do hope that this list however, gives you at least one new woman to celebrate this International Women’s Day.