March 5, 2019

We started our podcast AfroQueer last year and it has been an amazing journey!

During the production of Season One, we applied for the Google Podcasts Creator Program. They were looking for fresh, innovative and impactful podcast producers.

In January 2019,  we learned that AfroQueer beat out thousands of applicants from over 100 different countries to become one of six podcasts in this amazing program.

What this means for us.

We started off the Google Podcasts Creator Program with a week-long training workshop in Boston where we met up with the other teams and some exciting mentors. This was the start of an intense 20-week training program that we are excited to be part of.

If you have not listened to Season One of AfroQueer, click HERE.

Also, check out our Patreon Page to see how you can support the making of the AfroQueer podcast.

This is such an exciting way to start 2019 and we hope as always you’ll be here for the ride!